Oshadhi Guggul Compost

Oshadhi Guggul Compost is a natural soil conditioner that helps improve the quality of soil, thereby enhancing the growth of plants and fruits. It not only helps the plants grow, but also prevents them from being destroyed by certain pests and insects. Oshadhi Organic Guggul Compost soil conditioner is gaining popularity in agricultural industry.

  • Dosage:For Rejuvenation, 2 Handful Should Be Sprinkled Once In A 10 Days Right On Top Of The Soil Which Will Percolate Down & Nurtures The Plant.
  • Pack Size:1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg
  • Packaging Type:Plastic Bag
  • Brand: Oshadhi
  • Form: Dried

Guggul is the common name for the flowering Mukul myrrh tree. Guggul has been used in the traditional Ayurvedic medical system for centuries and has been studied extensively in India. Commercial products are promoted for lowering cholesterol; however, clinical studies do not support this claim. Anti-inflammatory and heart/blood vessel effects are being evaluated, as well as used in cancer, obesity, and diabetes.