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All herb extraction and processing units produce a green waste that is still rich in the nutrient contents of the herb. This green waste mostly finds its way to the landfills. A massive waste of a nutrient rich resource adding to land pollution. We take this waste and turn in into the resource it truly is by adding it to our compost mix.

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We’ve 40 Years of Experience in Agriculture

Composting is a process of decaying various waste materials in a way that conditions the soil. Compost is a bio-fertiliser and a time tested method of increasing soil health and production yields. Oshadhi, exponentially adds to the benefits of the compost and its nutrient content by adding the herb residue. Our compost is more than a soil conditioner, its a soil nourisher.

“If we are what we eat, surely what we eat is only as healthy and sustainable as the soil it comes from.”
~ Steve Suppon

Our herbal compost is great for farming and growing all types of produce. Farmers to home-growers to farms in containers,Oshadhi’s herbal compost benefits all organic producers.

All Oshadhi Herbal Compost is manufactured at self owned facilities with strict quality and source control measures. All waste and materials are ethically sourced and we ensure that they are free from any industrial contamination. We adhere to worker and bio-pit safety measures. Our entire manufacturing process, end to end, has been designed in a way that we makes us proud.

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Bottom Line Soil Health

Indian is ecologically blessed. With more than 53% cultivable land, ample waterways and the right temperatures, the setting is perfect for Indian agriculture to boom. However, multiple factors have resulted in a looming soil crisis. Indiscreet use of land, ineffective crop rotation and heavy subsidies on fertiliser by the government has resulted in soil degradation with excessive use of fertilisers skewing the soil quality at the cost of micro-nutrients and manure. While Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous are crucial for plant growth, so are a numerous other minerals, bacteria, micro-organisms and even some bugs and beetles. With Oshadhi’s Herbal Compost, our first priority is soil health.

Laying Rest to Waste

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns, I am grateful that thorns have roses.” - Alphonse Karr
Waste is a matter of perspective. Waste is a temporary status of a resource depending on its then use to the handler. Whats more? High quality products create high quality waste, that currently is, quite literally, going to the dumps.
All waste is a resource waiting for the correct utilisation. We specialise in identifying the right waste resource that when added to the composting process enhances the value of the compost.
Our vision is to plug the wastage of what could otherwise be a valuable resource to compost and land regeneration. Our effort is to create a bio fertiliser that is carbon positive and intelligently manages waste.

Organic Regenerative Farming, The Way Ahead

Organic Farming is not just a certification - it is a practice. A practice that is conscious of the environment of growth. It looks beyond the commercials of growing to encompass longevity and increased yield in a thriving biodiverse environment. Oshadhi, is a initiative to assist and promoted all organic regenerative farming practitioners.

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Herbal Compost

Herbal Compost

Composting takes place naturally when leaves fall from the trees to the ground.

Soil Health

Soil health is a state of a soil meeting its range of ecosystem functions as appropriate to its environment.

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture can be defined as "an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability,